Paid Survey Review: Rewardia Surveys Review [2023]

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Ready for a nice simple sign up Rewards and Paid Surveys platform where you can play games, solve puzzles, do online surveys and do polls?

Join Rewardia where you can earn points for playing games, watch videos, vote on polls, complete paid online surveys etc and redeem those point for exciting rewards.

Rewardia’s focus is on you doing multiple activities to earn reward points and then redeeming those points for gift cards and other perks at your favorite retailers. It is less about cash withdrawals. Again, still as good as cash for me if I get a gift card to say CVS. If it sounds good to you —

Then click to sign up for Rewardia now

How to Sign up?

Sign is easy and straightforward. Just your name and email and a basic screening step. You do no need to provide a phone number.

You can jump right into Surveys, polls, games, online discussions and start earning. I like the simplicity and how is streamlined.

No waiting, no complicated screening questionnaires, so an easy way to get cracking straight away on rewards at Rewardia.

How to Earn Rewardia Points?

I enjoy that Rewardia gives you multiple ways to earn points right off the bat — paid surveys, polls, games, puzzles, discussions and you do not need to wait for days for an email to get you access to a lucrative earning opportunity.

The main rewards focus is on points you can redeem at Rewardia’s marketplace and get gift cards. You can get a gift card once you hit $5 in value.

To withdraw cash, you need to hit $50 in value which is pretty high for hard cash compared to other sites. Check their facebook page to get promos.

Start earning now with Rewardia.

In Summary – A solid, easy to use paid surveys site that gets you points right away for gift cards that are good as cash.


Quick sign up and doesn’t require a phone number. Once logged in there is a very quick intro and then you can jump into surveys right away.

Other east ways to earn – games, quick polls, discussions. Gather points to redeem for cash or gift card.

Can earn points daily with promo codes from their Facebook


High minimum of $50 for cash withdrawals so focus on earning rewards to translate into gift cards.

Don’t wait, check Rewardia Paid Surveys out now

Alright folks, no time like the presents to get paid surveys from Rewardia into your side hustle life. Dave out.

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