Paid Survey Review: YouGov Review [Updated June 2023]

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Today my Paid Survey audience we are talking again about YouGov, which is a major player in the Paid Surveys and Polls world. They have a giant global community of over 24 million people answering fascinating poll questions and earning cold hard cash and gift cards doing paid surveys. Personally I love it when Paid Survey sites have Polls too, I love giving my opinion and seeing what everyone else is saying. You have read about YouGov on my site before and it well worth a latest and greatest update.

The YouGov mission is to supply a continuous stream of accurate data and insight into what the world thinks, so that companies, governments and institutions can make informed decisions. YouGov is an ever-growing source of consumer data that has been amassed over our twenty years of operation and they call it Living Data. It is a huge panel full of tons of folks giving their opinion from Snoop Dogg to Joe Biden to Derek Jeter to why the Red Sox are better than the Yankees and everything in between. Plus do their surveys to get cash.

As a member of the YouGov panel you will be part of a global community of people who share their opinions in return for points and rewards. YouGov is a safe, legit website that values data privacy.

Click now to get signed up for You Gov’s paid survey panel

How to Sign Up?

Signing up for You Gov Paid Surveys is easy and fast. The user interface is slick, modern, white and minimalist so super nice to navigate around. They do not ask for tons of info up front and you can enter more detailed screening info for more opportunities. Once you do the easy sign up, you will surveys waiting for you and poll questions to complete.

Doing the daily poll questions takes like 45 sec and earns you 500 points. The landing page as an intuitive search engine like bar to get going.

How to Earn and Redeem Points?

You earn 500 points for sign up. 25,000 points equals $15 in gift cards and 25,000 points is the minimum initial withdrawal amount. 30,000 points is a $25 visa gift card, 55,000 points gets you a $50 cash transfer to your bank account, and 100,000 points is a $100 gift card to Amazon, Sephora or hundreds of other retailer options. Pretty lucrative and the more paid surveys you do, the more cash you earn.

Short and simple surveys earn you 500 to 1,000 points as an example.

Pros and Cons of YouGov Paid Surveys – I love the entertainment celebrity polls – I get lost in that section


Simple easy to use website, surveys available right away to earn money and surveys pay well.

Polls make it fun and exciting to look forward to the daily poll questions.

Plenty of surveys to complete so you will not run out of Paid Survey opportunities to earn earn earn


The higher cash out threshold of 25,000 can take some folks a while to get there

Click now to get going on YouGov, a standard option for any Paid Survey junkie

And that is a wrap on the YouGov review – -do not wait, this is just one of the coolest paid survey websites, variety is the spice of life for me — DAVE SAYS CIAO.

By Dave

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