Paid Survey Review: BizKnowledge Review [June 2023]

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Greetings my paid survey blog readers. This morning I will talk about BizKnowledge, a pure play and true market research paid survey website. They are a streamlined and simple platform that makes it easy to earn extra cash by doing paid surveys. You can earn enough to cash out in as little as 10 minutes if you qualify right off the bat after the screening process.

BizKnowledge also does product testing and you can give your opinions to shape the products of the future by doing their paid surveys and testing out new products and services. They have a bonus pool called ” Elite Circle ” for working professionals and you can earn 10x normal rewards by talking about products and services from your workplace profession.

BizKnowledge is a safe, legit, and secure paid survey website and it is not a scam. They take data privacy seriously and do not resell your information.

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How to Sign Up for BizKnowledge?

Sign up on BizKnowledge takes as little as 2 minutes but the more you answer about your screening info the more detailed it can be for surveys and higher paying.

There will be surveys right off the bat for you to start earning money on BizKnowledge. You should also see if your profession qualifies for the Elite Circle working professional group to 10x your earnings.

How to Earn and Redeem Rewards?

So that is simple on BizKnowledge to earn and redeem points. Do surveys, get paid. You can cash out your earnings for retailer gift cards, cash or donate them to charity, a nice feature to give back a little bit. And just take your cash earnings on a prepaid Visa card.

The minimum amount to earn your first cash redemption is 10,000 points. Remember to check if you can join the Elite Circle to earn 10x the rewards for workplace research and paid opinions.

The Pros and Cons of BizKnowledge — you gotta see if you can be an Elite Circle member


Simple straightfoward platforms – do surveys, get paid

Elite Circle is a huge plus point to earn lots of extra cash for office workers and white collar and supervisors type folk


High minimum for that first withdrawal

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Alight my survey folks, this is Dave here signing off from the school dropoff line – get going on that paid survey lifestyle.

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