Paid Survey Review: First Opinion Online Review [2023]

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Tell First Opinion what you think – get paid. Simple, You share your opinions and show us how you see the world – we give you rewards and cash.

First Opinion is a straightforward, gift card rewards focussed paid survey site that is a solid player that any paid survey fanatic like me or you should be doing daily or weekly. First Opinion has a few ways to make money – paid surveys, focus groups, family and children research studies, 1 on 1 virtual interviews, online polls. app & game testing, and TV and video testing. Pretty cool to get paid to try out new video games.

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Join First Opinion, a true market research panel, where users can connect, share opinions and get paid.

How to Sign Up?

Sign up is relatively easy by inputting your name, email, location, DOB and you do not need to provide your phone number. You get an activation email and then you get rolling.

Now the thing with First Opinion is a rigorous screening process to really drill down into which paid survey, interview and game & video testing opportunities will be right for you. Yes it is a lot of extra work, but trust me, it will pay off in the end to answer all the screening questions to get those lucrative specialized survey and market research opportunities. Plus earn points towards cash gift cards just do doing this step.

How to Earn and Redeem Points?

First Opinion has both Paypal payout and gift card rewards. 125 points on their platform equals $1 cash. Good news is for just doing a few of the screening sections, you get hundreds of points. You have to connect your Paypal ID to your profile as a note.

One other cool feature of redeeming points into cash is you can donate it to your preferred charity to give back – a nice way to support charities.

What is First Opinion?

First Opinion is a very targeted platform that requires a heavy amount of new user screening upon sign up, however answering hundreds of screening questions gets you many many points, around $10 right off the bat even before you get to surveys. I like also how First Opinion has lucrative app, game, and video testing opportunities which is a ton of fun and makes me feel like a cool insider on the latest game.

The Summary of First Opinion: Pros & Cons


There are surveys to take immediately when you log in so you can get cracking. Although the Detailed Profile is very lengthy, you can save progress as you go along to come back to it later for the more lucrative survey opportunities.

Earn 100 points for joining. The survey topic is listed so it can help guide you in choosing which survey to take.

Having Paypal linkage makes it easy to cash out in addition to gift card rewards.


Surveys may be hard to qualify for – e.g., looking for specific medical conditions or other niche items, so you may need to be patient and check back frequently to get paid.

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Alright my paid survey clan, get going on First Opinion. It is extra work but heck getting paid ain’t ever easy but First Opinion does make it simpler. Dave Signing Off.

By Dave

Dave loves trying to make money online with surveys being his main way to make a great side income over the last couple of years. He loves using the extra money for travel