Paid Survey Review: Nomadic Survey Review [2023]

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Now Paid Survey Peeps – this Nomadic Surveys is pretty cool. A real online consumer insights community, lots of cool features and channels to make money, I highly recommend everyone try this one out to see if it is a fit for their paid survey side hustle. More than just taking surveys, Nomadic Survey has some real runway to make you SERIOUS cash and also has a focus on caregiver and patient research for the healthcare community.

Your Opinion Counts! Earn high survey rewards by joining Nomadic Surveys. A consumer insights community that offers online surveys, focus groups, online interviewing and home usage studies.

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How to Sign up?

You register with your name, email, and cell phone and then proceed to go through the question screening process so Nomadic Insights can get you the best possible deals and targeted survey and consumer insights work to maximize your earnings. Easy Peasy.

Right off the bat you will get a survey to complete.

What is Nomadic Insights?

The mission at Nomadic Insights is to use market research to help make our members lives better. They do this by using the earnings we receive from market research to fund the member services team. You can do highly paid online market research focus groups, 1on1 online interviews, home usage studies, paid surveys, and caregiver and patient research.

What you can earn?

Nomadic Insights surveys pay up to $50 per survey you complete. They also offer members access to online consumer interviews with incentives that range between $60 – $120 per hour. Certain projects have maximum incentive values they are willing to pay and the incentives vary to maximize the number of research opportunities the members receive. In short, you can earn serious cash in short order.

Once you reach $5 in earnings, you receive a digital Visa gift card which is just as good as cold hard cash. Well worth you time and no high thresholds.

So start earning now and get extra benefits with Nomadic Insights.

What Else Does Nomadic Insights offer?

Well some cool stuff that will really be a benefit for some of my readers. You can get access to career development help, longer term paid studies, patient advocacy services, and some secret insider member services you learn about once you join.

Some Pros and Cons of Nomadic Insights:


Opener – a unique community where there is access to career development services and patient advocacy services

Allows you to choose preference of patient & caregiver surveys, consumer surveys, online surveys, business surveys

Surveys immediately available after registration without providing additional information

Low minimum threshold to get paid — digital visa gift card once the equivalent of $5 is reached


Interface is a little harder to use on cell phone than other survey sites

They may be more selective for the more lucrative paid research – but you cannot get paid if you don’t try.

So in short, check out Nomadic Insights for a new twist on paid surveys, you will not regret it.

Alright folks, time to get cracking on some new paid surveys that just landed in my email inbox, Dave signing off.

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