Paid Surveys Review: Rakuten Insights Panel [2023]

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Join Rakuten Insight, a true market research panel, and turn your opinions into extra earnings. Get paid taking online surveys anytime, anywhere!

Did you know that not only can you earn cash back from the Rakuten Shopping app — but the same company wants your survey opinions. Rakuten Insights Panel will pay you cold hard cash for doing online paid surveys on your computer or phone and pay straight to your Paypal account or hook you up with some Amazon gift balance (just as good as cash to me given my Amazon ordering addiction).

Click right here on this link to sign up for Rakuten Insights Panel

The big draw of Rakuten Insights is a direct link to your Paypal account and a higher than usual payment for your time. Their criteria is more selective, so be warned there may not be a survey ready for you to complete, but be assured when you do, the cash rewards are well worth your opinions.

My review of Rakuten Insights will hit the highlights and let you get another revenue stream for your paid survey portfolio.

How to Sign Up?

Very Easily. Click on the Sign up link here or the graphic below and enter your name email and then the usual email verification step. Then a few more screening questions to put you into the right classification and you have your dashboard in a super friendly format. Upon my first signup, I did not have a survey to do, so do not be alarmed. Just watch your email for an alert and get cracking when you do get one you qualify for.

What is Rakuten Insights Panel?

For over 25 years, Rakuten Insight Global has been at the forefront of online paid surveys for busy people just like you. By combining their user friendly apps with the highest levels of quality assurance processes, Rakuten Insight Global has remained a side hustle addicts trusted way for higher than average ROI on time spend on online surveys.

Our proprietary, double opt-in online panels have been developed throughout 12 major Asian markets & the US. All of the panels are managed by dedicated local support teams and meet the highest industry standards so you know Rakuten Insights is safe, secure, legit and protects your data.

How to Earn and Redeem Points?

Rakuten Insights is a relatively new player in the USA market online surveys game, so the inventory of surveys is lower than other sites. That being said, it has a much higher pay per hour spent rate. So watch that email.

The minimum cash out per month is $5 and it is very straightforward to see your progress on your dashboard. Rakuten makes it easy by sending your cash out balance for your paid surveys work direct to your Paypal account balance. Too easy.

The Summary: Pros and Cons of Rakuten Insights Panel


Very fast signup – probably the easiest joining process
Quick initial survey to give your profile so they can target you with survey so Joining and completing the profile earns you two points, then additional points are earned as you complete your setup.

Cool tutorial – it is in the form of a survey to it is quick to go through and easy to understand.

Rewards can be form of gift cards or transfer to a PayPal account.


Lower inventory of surveys so you may not be able to do one right away.

Alright folks, get cracking, get paid, do some paid online surveys.

Sign up for Rakuten Here

And that is a wrap on my Rakuten write up. Hope you folks make some extra money — SurveyDave signing off.

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