Paid Survey Review: Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel: Get Paid for Just Using Your Device Easy Rewards [2023]

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Yes, it is as easy as just installing the Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel on your phone, tablet or computer and you starting earning rewards and cash immediately.

You get to become a Nielsen Insider and all you have to do is simply use your digital device as you normally do. The safe, secure, & private Nielsen software quietly observes your activity, does not record any personal data, and sends you rewards for just using your device as your normally do. No long surveys, no hours spent on focus groups, just easy cash & perks for surfing your device.

Click to sign up now to the very cool Nielsen Panel – Get Paid for DOING NOTHING, I love getting paid to just surf my social media and watch some Mr. Beast.

No surveys to complete, no focus groups, just browse the web, enjoy social media, watch dog videos, sports highlights – I mean who does not want to get paid for zoning out on Tik Tok right??

How it works?

Simply go to the Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel homepage, click join now, download the app or software, register as a new user with the usual information, and start earning rewards, game tokens, entries to prize sweepstakes (up to $10,000 bucks given away regularly). Make your voice count with Nielsen.

The software runs silently in the background and observes your digital behavoir and helps improves services, games, shopping, social media and websites to better generate more interesting content & services for folks just like you. It is like the old days of having a Nielsen TV ratings box in your home. Pretty cool, right?

What you earn?

As a user having the app or software installed gets you up to $60 in cash money gift cards per year, instant game tokens to earn more, and big cash prize sweepstakes drawings. All for no effort and no work and no surveys to do.

What is Nielsen?

Nielsen is a professional consumer research company founded over 90 years ago. Nielsen is the world’s leading provider of media and marketing information, including the Nielsen TV ratings. Our mission is to learn about what people watch, listen to, and buy, as well as what they do online. Filling out our survey and registering your devices is an opportunity to become a part of important research insights to help your favorite brands and companies make better products. We’d love to have you!

I love it because it essentially money for free and gravy on top of my paid survey side hustles, you cannot lose.

Try it now and sign up to make your voice count with Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel. I love finding these hacks that get me paid for doing what I do anyways online.

Make your voice count now and join the Nielsen Computer Panel

Alright Folks, get cracking on some super easy paid survey cash and the best part you do not even need to do any surveys.

By Dave

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