Paid Survey Review: MySoapBox Review [2023]

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An easy way to score cash gift cards to your favorite restaurants and retailers is MySoapBox Paid Surveys Community. Sign up to be part of a highly engaged paid survey online community and give your opinion about the brands that matter to you. Hot Takes highly preferred!

Click here to sign up for the MySoapBox Paid Surveys Online Community

You will quickly learn MySoapBox is a fun, engaging, and easy to use paid survey panel. It is safe, secure and most assuredly a sweet way to get gift rewards cards to for my Starbucks habit. First thing to mention is MySoapBox does not do cash rewards and instead gives you easy to use gift cards to big brands like Home Depot, Walmart, Amazon etc — which is basically the same thing as cash.

How to Sign Up?

First thing is to navigate to the MySoapBox website on your device and register with a few easy steps proving your name, email, phone number and some biographical info. It is that easy. You hear me saying it is that easy a lot because I do not like a lot of steps and I am a busy guy. So easy ways in my downtime to earn extra money doing paid surveys like MySoapBox is music to my ears.

Confirm your email and get going. Almost $2,000,000 million dollars has been paid out in gift cards in 2023 already.

What is MySoapBox?

MySoapBox™ is an online research community. We collect feedback from our members on products, services, and experiences. The most successful brands depend on our members to help them evaluate how they are doing, what they need to do better, and what they should create in the future.

How to Earn Points?

You go through a series of screening and classification questions to determine which specific online community is a best fit for your interests on MySoapBox and once you do the initial setup, you earn your first 1,000 points are ready to rock.

Personally I joined an online travel group to share opinions about travel logistics, flights, trains and everything that goes into going on vacation, commuting, and getting from Point A to Point B. Given I am a travel junkie, a good fit for me.


Check out MySoapBox to get slotted into specialized communities. I like that the site works hard to tailor the community specific to your tastes so it is easy for you to fill out and you do not have to think too hard. Not paying out actual cash is no big deal to me because I shop online so much, getting gift cards is as good as cash for me.

Click here to sign up for the MySoapBox Paid Surveys Online Community

By Dave

Dave loves trying to make money online with surveys being his main way to make a great side income over the last couple of years. He loves using the extra money for travel