Paid Survey Review: Tellwut Review [2023]

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Good Afternoon Survey crew – today we are reviewing the Tellwut Paid Surveys platform. Tellwut is a major player in paid surveys with a large and detailed online community full of cool stuff to check out and many ways to earn. Tellwut focusses on a points system for you to earn gift cards and cash payouts.

Tellwut main activity is polls and paid surveys, it is pretty cool to give your ratings and opinion on a number of hot topics from shopping, politics, movies, celebrities or technology. The Voter Panel is a big deal at Tellwut and it is nice to have a break from the product focussed surveys a lot of other sites feature in order to delve into current events.

Tellwut also offers an opportunity for its Panel users to create their own polls to earn extra rewards and post it to the Tellwut ecosystem. An especially cool feature, members can make their own poll question and post it for crowdsourcing answers — and GET PAID CASH FOR THIS. Ever had the burning desire to see if what people are thinking these days on whether coke is better than Pepsi? Make your own poll and find out!

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How to Sign Up?

VERY EASY Sign up – just a handful of questions and you are loaded onto the platform ready to rock. You earn 100 points for sign up and give your name, Dob, and gender. You can get more detailed of course and go deeper with screening questions.

In your list of potential surveys, Tellwut’s website will tell you if the paid survey is mobile, tablet and/or computer compatible. This is great because you don’t waste time on a screener on your phone only to find out you have to do the survey on a computer.

How to Earn and Redeem Rewards?

Lots of options here for earning money from the paid surveys and paid polls. Doing polls is pretty addictive so be warned on the Tellwut website. You can cash out your earnings as gift cards to favorite retailers, Amazon or link your Paypal account and get cash that way. Too easy.

If you complete the rest of the profile questions you’ll wind up with a total of 250 points. The minimum amount to redeem rewards like Amazon, Walmart, and Target gift cards or PayPal cash us 4,000 points.

You even earn 5 points for answering the daily poll question, super easy. When you complete a survey a nice screen comes up telling you what you earned and a reference number if you had any issues – very handy.

Pros and Cons of Tellwut — I need to wrap up this review because I am addicted to earning gift cards for doing online polls


Extremely fast signup and simple, detailed user interface – no ads or popups

Earning rewards adds up fast once your get rocking and Polls provide a nice bump to your paid survey cash

The site has a social aspect if you want to comment on the daily poll results or friend other survey takers. Not something you usually see in a panel site!


There is very little to complain about here on Tellwut. Mainly that initial 4,000 point minimum threshold to take your first cash out is a bit high.

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Alight then my survey people – please not comments or emails while I spend the rest of my afternoon doing paid polls. Maybe I need to do a poll for surveydave …

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