Paid Survey Review: GrabPoints Review [2023]

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GOOOOD MORRNNING Survey crew — today I will be doing a little review of the rewards-based paid survey site Grab Points. Featuring games, apps, paid surveys, product testing and more, GrabPoints is a large, international paid survey site where you can earn cash instantly and redeem points to earn a wide variety of gift cards.

GrabPoints offers several ways to earn cash and gift cards. I like how it is more than paid surveys only. I need variety in my side hustle diet and sometimes on the pure play paid survey sites, you do not qualify for surveys, so you need other options like testing a new game for a platform like on GrabPoints.

GrabPoints is one of the largest and HIGHEST paying paid survey sites and acts to collect all kinds of surveys and other earning opportunities into a type of marketplace, so you never run out of new things to try out to earn extra cash.

I mean, if you qualify, you get to earn rewards just by watching videos and giving your feedback on that part of their platform.

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How to Sign up?

Signup is smooth easy and simple, just the way I like it. The user interface is slick and modern, clearly GrabPoints has investing in their online community technology. Enter your email, name, address and you are signed up, easy peasy. Just by completing your demographic screen profile you get 500 points, not bad.

I always recommend completing your profile demographic screening questionnaires. Every paid survey site calls it something different a little bit, but being honest will help you in the long run get qualified for the higher paying opportunities perfect for you.

Right off the bat, there are paid surveys to take waiting for you, another feature I like.

Check out the screen shot below of GrabPoints dashboard upon sign up.

How to Earn and Redeem Rewards?

Once you start earning balance on GrabPoints, you will find the gift card marketing place has TONS of options like gamestop, amazon, wal mart, dunkin, domino’s etc etc. You can link your paypal account as well to get paid cash.

Video earnings comes from two video platforms that GrabPoints uses to get paid cash for testing and watching videos, so you can setup or link an existing account on Hideout TV or Lootably. You get extra rewards by watching multiple videos per day. A nice way to multiply your earnings. Sometimes I just need a break from doing paid surveys.

There is a Leaderboard page that is like your personal scoreboard to tell you and other users how they are doing and push you offers to jump up the standings.

Every activity you can do on GrabPoints has a dollar value, so it is very clear what you get for your time. There is a low minimum of 2,250 points which is about $2 of initial earnings before you can cash out.

Pros and Cons of GrabPoints — cash, gaming gift cards, watching videos, special leaderboard offers – do not wait get going on this paid survey side hustle.


Slick, modern well-designed user interface with tons of incentives

Watching videos to earn money is addictive so be warned

Lots of offers drop daily so makes logging in each day exciting


Demographic survey is very detailed so you need to invest the time to complete it so be ready

Sometimes there is too much going on, so it is hard to decide where to spend your time

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So folks, do not miss out on GrabPoints, you may find yourself quickly becoming a power user. Dave Signing Off <to go watch some videos on GrabPoints and get paid CASH>.

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