What I Am Doing To Grow My Business During The Corona Shutdown

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How crazy is the world right now?

As a self employed person, it can definitely be a scary time. Thankfully for now, my business is doing fine and I am not losing any money. In fact, this has turned out to be a great time for my business as I have more time with nothing to do but work on it.

So I am trying to be as productive as possible.

What am I doing to grow my business at this time?

  1. I am going to build this site. I started it months ago and then stopped without having even finished my first post. Time to get started again!
  2. I’m going to put Ezoic ads on my other blog. I tried out Adsense, made basically nothing and gave up. Time to start again.
  3. I’m going to think of product ideas for my other blog and create one.
  4. I’m going to start collecting email addresses on my first blog.
  5. I’m going to start a sales funnel on that blog to sell the product.
  6. I’m also going to write to a client I stopped working for at the end of last year and see if they need any more freelance writing work.
  7. I’m going to update my CV site and LinkedIn page and see if I can attract more freelance work.

WOW that’s a lot. But I have faith I can get it done.

Also I’m working harder than ever to save money in my day to day life – Read my tips here.

By Dave

Dave loves trying to make money online with surveys being his main way to make a great side income over the last couple of years. He loves using the extra money for travel