5 Top Tips For Making Cash With Paid Surveys

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I love making extra money from paid surveys. So much so that I have been doing this for quite awhile now.

During this time, I have had some great survey experiences and some not so great experiences. When I first started, I didn’t know what I was doing and made some classic mistakes – like only joining one survey site.

With time, I have definitely learned how to maximize how much I can make from surveys and below, I share my top 5 tips so you can maximize your earnings too!

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1. Join Many Survey Sites

My first tip is my most important. Join many survey sites!

Any one survey site, even the best one, is unlikely to always have a survey sitting there waiting for you to fill it in.

To make more money from surveys, you want to make sure there is always a survey to fill in when you have some downtime so you can make the most money possible. This means joining as many survey sites as you can!

I recommend you join all the best paid surveys sites like these here.

2. Only Join Legitimate Sites

Like in every industry, there are some operators which are brilliant, some which are less scrupulous. Make sure you only join legitimate survey sites.

The best way to do this is to make sure you only sign up for ones listed on this site, like here.

Make sure you read the privacy policy of sites you join and only share information about yourself that you are happy to share.

3. Fill In Your Full Profile

Not every survey that a survey site has is for everyone. They are usually targeting certain demographics. To make sure you match to as many as possible, fill in your whole profile. This will lead to more surveys.

Also don’t be disheartened if you are knocked back for a survey. This happens a lot. You’ll match the next one.

4. Be Consistent

It’s really easy to get started with something and then stop… then start again and stop!

The best way to make a great side income with surveys is to consistently do surveys. Straight forward but it can be hard when life gets in the way.

I recommend having a routine and doing things like cutting out a half hour of Netflix in the evenings to give it some decent time on top of doing a survey whenever you find yourself with a moment’s downtime.

5. Be Clear On Your Goals

What are you hoping to gain from doing paid surveys? Some extra income? Being able to buy some more things on Amazon? Donating to charity?

Survey sites often have a range of rewards and knowing what you are trying to achieve is the best way to achieve it.

If you only are interested in cash, only do surveys on survey sites that pay cash.

If you are happy with gift vouchers then focus on those sites.

Also, many survey sites give a better return on gift vouchers. For example, you might need 1000 points to make $10 cash but only 900 points to get a $10 Amazon voucher. Even if your goal is cash, if you come across this type of deal, remember you could buy your groceries with a gift voucher from a survey site and then use your grocery money as your extra cash.

I hope this list of my 5 top tips helps you make more money from paid surveys too!  Check out my guide on the best instant paid surveys here or surveys that pay fast here.  You can also read my full review on Survey Junkie here as well as how I save money day to day here.

By Dave

Dave loves trying to make money online with surveys being his main way to make a great side income over the last couple of years. He loves using the extra money for travel